The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Lack of maintenance can cause leaks by allowing the build-up of debris, which obstructs the flow of water off your roof. This, along with unseen damage, causes premature aging and leaks, and can be avoided.

We will check for and repair damaged tile, slate or shingles, clear off leaves and debris, trim tree limbs, clean gutters and inspect for any additional problems. Annual maintenace is recommended.

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smcactusonroof3.jpg leaves in valley.jpg cactusonroof2.jpg
Problems can start small. First, debris accumulates. Plants might grow in the debris!
cactusonroof1.jpg cactusmaint.jpg  
A cactus or other plant can grow large. Plants may even put down roots in a gutter!  
johnpowerwashingtile.jpg tile maintenance powerwashing
Power washing tile. Maintaining a tile roof. Power washing tile.

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Last updated: 12/13/08