Attention to Detail

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Barrel tile under construction.jpg roundedvalley.jpg roundedvalley2.jpg
Barrel tile under construction Rounded valley Rounded valley detail
SWU in progress.jpg Fort Worth chapel under construction.jpg Fort Worth slate chapel in progress.jpg
Southwestern University in progress Slate chapel under construction Chapel in progress
chimney flashing in progress.jpg Chimney flashing.jpg Turret valley transition.jpg
Chimney flashing in progress Chimney flashing Turret valley transition
Turret in progress.jpg Completed turret.jpg Stepped closed valley detail.jpg
Turret in progress Completed turret Stepped closed valley detail
flashing detail flashing detail2.jpg flashing in process.jpg
Flashing detail Flashing detail Flashing in progress
ridgeinprogressdetail.jpg 12 story Las Colinas Tower.jpg Slate in progress detail.jpg
Ridge in progress detail 12 story Las Colinas tower Slate in progress detail
Spanish tile underlayment.jpg TCU in progress.jpg
Spanish tile underlayment TCU in progress

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Last updated: 12/14/08